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1st Time Racing has competed in motorsport for ten years. This year will be the remarkable step into new level, because the team will participate Neste Oil Rally Finland. Driver Janne Siikonen has started this project together with his co-driver Jukka Pasanen to achieve their both’s life long dream. These guys have so far competed in 1400-class and they begin competing in 1600 cc standard cars in this World Championship event.

The team has some history, but it has been working with a small budget with no remarkable supporters. Now 1st Time Racing really needs to find new parnterships to gather the necessary budget for this race. Estimation total cost is 20 000 euros. Team has created a campaign with some unique features to cover this budget.

For private persons, team offers ‘10 euro sponsorship’. This means getting a name or any short text into teams rally car in this event. This has been quite popular, and team is aiming for the world record ‘Most sponsors in a racing car’ with this campaign. Instructions to participate and information about the option can be found at teams own webshop at . This campaign has also a support group in Facebook with over 350 members. The group can be used in targeted marketing by teams corporate partners.

For companies, team has created services with a principle ‘something for everyone’. So, the partnership packages start as low as 30 euros and most valuable agreements are several thousands. In category on 30-300 euros, company's name is printed into car with coloured text among other names. Putting more money into partnership, opens availability to use company logo, and also the visibility can be added into teams clothing, service truck, website, facebook-communication and incar-videos. These options in visibility come in the category of 300-3 000 euros under the name of Junior rally package.

More serious cooperation is in General rally package category, which varies between 3 to 7 thousand euros depending on the options. In addition to just more visibility than Junior level, this package includes also some amount of VIP spectator packages and a rally driving event.

The highest level of partnership is named as the WRC package. This cooperation agreement can be from 7 up to 20 thousand euros, and it includes several ways to take advantage from the partnership. The team can be agreed to visit customer events or to work as a presentator at fairs or other events. On this level the visibility also covers all racing events during the season, several rally driving experience events, remarkable amount of VIP spectator packages and for example possibility to have tv-spot in teams service area screens.

Of course the packages are tailoredfor each partner to achieve the best return for investment. So, 1st Time Racing is offering a wide range of cooperation possibilities for individuals and companies. Even so, it seems that there is no valid reason to not take part in this campaign in some form.

To proceed this into something concrete, please contact immediately Janne, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +358 40 701 4430.

Janne Siikonen
1st Time Racing
040 701 4430
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Kohti Neste Oil Rallia 2011, katso ohjeet netistä ja tule mukaan!

Heading for Neste Oil Rally Finland 2011, get instructions from the web and join us!